T20 Industrial Ride-On Floor Scrubber

T20Industrial Ride-On Floor Scrubber

Achieve high-performance results in the toughest environments with the T20 Industrial Ride-On Floor Scrubber. The T20 delivers significant cleaning power with an exceptional scrubbing and water recovery system. This rider scrubber is easy to operate and maintain and helps improve a facility’s image by providing consistent, heavy-duty cleaning results.


40 IN / 1020 MM, 42 IN / 1070 MM, 54 IN / 1370 MM, 56 IN / 1420 MM


80 OR 125 GAL / 303 OR 473 L

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  • Achieve consistent cleaning results with aggressive scrubbing and MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology.
  • Maximize productivity and clean up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing with ec-H2O™ technology.
  • Transform cleaning operations with Pro-Panel™ technology, which integrates multiple cleaning settings and on-demand videos into an intuitive, highly visible touchscreen.
  • Simplify use with the T20’s Touch-n-Go™ control panel, featuring a 1-Step™ start button that remembers previous settings.
  • Improve visibility with cab-forward design, open sightlines, and steering-wheel-mounted controls.


  • Application: Indoor, Outdoor, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Estimated Coverage/Productivity: Up to 88000 sq ft / 8190 sq m
  • Estimated Run Time: Continuous
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 95 gal / 360 L
  • Pad RPMs: Up to 230 rpm (disk) / 480 rpm (cylindrical)
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 80 or 125 gal / 303 or 473 L
  • Service Plans: Gold, Silver, Pay as You Go, Block of Time
  • Charger type: None
  • Cleaning Path: 40 in / 1020 mm, 42 in / 1070 mm, 54 in / 1370 mm, 56 in / 1420 mm
  • Machine Type: Ride-On
  • Power Source: Gas, LPG, Diesel
  • Sound Level: As low as 84 dBA
  • Squeegee Width: 51 in / 1300 mm
  • Head Type: Disk, Cylindrical


Reduce Cost to Clean


Reduce cost of ownership with the Tennant T20 Heavy-Duty Industrial Ride-on Scrubber, which provides excellent cleaning performance, water- and chemical-saving technologies and quality construction.

  • Clean more, faster by expanding your cleaning path with an optional scrubbing side brush.
  • Save on chemical purchasing, storing, handling and mixing with water-saving ec-H2O™ technology, which electrically activates water into an innovative cleaning solution.
  • Protect your asset from damage upon impact with a heavy-duty wraparound steel bumper and optional rear squeegee guard.
  • Extend machine life with heavy-gauge steel frame and corrosion-resistant Duramer™ body construction.
  • Increase continuous operating time by recycling cleaning chemicals using ES® Extended Scrubbing.


T20 Industrial Rider Floor Scrubber scrubbing a warehouse floor.

Maintain Health & Safety


Protect employees, facilities and operators with this ride-on scrubber’s eyes-forward controls, built-in safety-enhancing features and help control silica dust exposure.

  • Concerned about OSHA compliance with silica exposure control plans? Choose Tennant’s high-efficiency scrubbers for water flooding, an OSHA-allowable silica dust control method.
  • Ensure operator safety and comfort with improved sightlines, steering-wheel-mounted controls and operator foot and leg protection.
  • Reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents with ec-H2O™ technology and a Dura-Track™ parabolic squeegee that provides exceptional water pickup.
  • Promote safe operation with PerformanceView™ on the optional Pro-Panel™, which allows operators to view the scrubbed path without turning around.
  • Protect operators from falling objects and debris with an optional overhead guard.
  • Reduce the potential for mold and odors with easy-to-clean solution and recovery tanks that allow for complete visual inspection and cleanout.


Easy Operation & Maintenance


Maximize uptime with this easy-to-operate and maintain ride-on scrubber.

  • Reduce training and simplify operation with a Touch-n-Go™ control module featuring 1-Step™ start button.
  • Streamline machine operation with optional Pro-Panel™ technology, which integrates multiple cleaning settings and on-demand videos into an intuitive, highly visible touchscreen.
  • Minimize downtime with an easy-access design that offers quick service access and visibility to on-board diagnostics.
  • Reduce time spent on maintenance with maintenance touch points and easy, no-tool squeegee and brush access.


Tennant T20 scrubber cleaning parking lot

Enhance Facility Image


Count on consistent results even in the toughest environments with this ride-on scrubber’s exceptional cleaning capabilities and heavy-duty construction.

  • Leave a clean path with a Dura-Track™ parabolic squeegee that provides exceptional water pickup.
  • Extend your cleaning coverage by easily cleaning hard-to-reach areas with optional high-powered pressure washer.
  • Protect your facility and machine from damage with cushioned corner rollers.
  • Achieve consistent results with MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology, which provides consistent power to the brush drive motors regardless of floor surface changes.
  • Get the flexibility to meet the requirements of your environment with dual cylindrical brushes or three gimbal-mounted disc brushes.


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